When I go into a wedding day I want my photos to capture moments of the couple’s day so that when other people see the photos they feel as if they were actually there. I also already have an idea of how I am going to edit a photo based on the mood, emotion, or location of where the photo was taken. A lot of times clients and social media followers only see our, photographer’s, best work when it is already edited and posted. I think that it is pretty magical to be able to compare side-by-side the before and after photos to see how editing can elevate an already amazing photo to an even more romantic moment.

I personally edit all of my photos in Adobe Lightroom using presets that I have created for myself. You can also buy presets from your favorite photographers (if they have them), Etsy, Google, etc. There are so many out there that please different styles of photography.  

Presets are a huge time saver when you are having to edit a full wedding and they allow all of your photos to match – in a sense. If you love warm, rich colors then find a honey preset or if you love bright and ethereal light find an airy preset to get you to that whimsical look. 

Sometimes presets can be a one-touch kind of deal where the lighting, colors, highlights, and shadows are spot on for you to pick the preset and continuing editing, but sometimes the presets need a little love on a photo. No matter what they save you time and ensure your galleries have the same aesthetic and theme. Happy editing to all!