First look photos have been around in the wedding industry for a couple of years now, but some people aren’t exactly sure what they entail and if it would be beneficial for them to do it on their wedding day. The time-honored practice of the bride and groom sneaking around all day so they don’t see each other until the ceremony is a superstition that many are still sticking with. Other couples are opting for first looks for many reasons – easing wedding day jitters, getting to be a part of their cocktail hour, and even just getting more bride and groom portraits. There are two sides to this story and it is important to weigh the pros and cons of a first look on a wedding day.

Wedding First Look: Pros

If you are a couple who values alone time and would like to see each other before the ceremony then you should definitely consider first look photos. It also enables you to take a lot of your photos before the ceremony so that you can have a drink at cocktail with your guests and of course get to your reception sooner. Sometimes people think that a first look can take away the magic of your ceremony, but believe me it definitely does not. You will still be overwhelmed with emotions!

Wedding First Look: Cons

If you value traditions then it is 100% okay to skip it – do not worry at all! Some couples opt for a private prayer before the ceremony where they can be together, but not see each other. Sometimes we do this with a wall or door separating the couple, but they can hold hands and have a moment together before the ceremony. If on the day you decided to change your mind about having a first look you could tell your photographer and they can adapt the timeline to plan for a first look.

Many couples feel sticking with tradition makes that moment at the alter more meaningful and special, while some really value the idea of having alone time before they are entertaining their guests all night. I think the best advice I could give any couple is to go with what you want most!