What to wear for an engagement session.

Engagement photos are my all time favorite types of sessions. You might ask “Why Tori?” – i’m going to drop a truth bomb on you. Engagement sessions are thrilling, intimate, breathtaking, and stress-free! You don’t have a million things on your mind like you do on a wedding day. My couples get to have an evening of being themselves taking photos that are unique to their story. Some are more intimate, some are goofy, some are super adventurous, but all that matters is that it reflects the couple. So what should you wear for an engagement session? This question is extremely valid because attire can totally elevate a session. Here are my sure-fire tips to help any couple choose their outfits for an engagement session. 

1 – Choose clothes that compliment each other, but please don’t match. When you are going through your closets or going out shopping look for complimentary colors and delicate prints. Bold patterns can be cute on a day-to-day basis, but in front of the camera it can be very distracting. Stay away from those loud, busy prints and save them for another day! Subtle prints are the way to go if that is your jam. 

2 – Select classic pieces rather than what is seemingly on trend right now. I always recommend to my clients that they choose timeless outfits or pieces of clothing so that the photos hold up over time. You want to strive for looking effortless, not like to you are trying too to hard. Be yourselves and feel good in what you are wearing!

3 – Pick clothing that flatter your body types – accentuate what you’ve got! Sometimes this seems like common sense, but make sure your clothes fit properly and you feel good in them. For example, if you are pear shaped think about finding a dress that cinches at the waist or if you are busty find a neckline that does not show too much if you know what I mean. 

4 – Handpick outfits that will integrate smoothly and compliment your engagement session location or adventure. If you are going to be in the mountains and hiking think about skipping the stilettos, if you are on the beach think about the swift winds that might sweep up a big skirt, if it is going to be freezing outside bring some extra layers to keep you happy and warm. Keep your location in mind as you pack your outfit bags.

5 – Opt for neutrals, pastels, and cool colors – this is a BIG one. Neon colors come in and out of style and I know that we all love to spice things up, but for your engagement photos lets count those colors O-U-T, OUT. Some hues are not photogenic at all and you don’t want your outfit to be an eye-sore. Let your faces be the focal point of the photographs rather than noisy attire. 

I hope that these 5 points have answered your major questions and anxious minds about what to wear for an engagement session, otherwise I haven’t done my job as being the best third wheel ever! Just be you and feel GOOD about what you are wearing so that the kickass experience is what you remember most!

What to wear to an engagement session - neutral colors.